fire fighting systems

Fire fighting systems 

A firefighting system is considered to be the most important services at any type of building, as it works to save people lives, as well as the assets itself. Depending on your building type, the advised quality standards, and your own preferences, you can select the most proper firefighting system among the available choices. While designing the firefighting systems, we allocate each type to its proper area and according to the functionality of each type.

Fire Sprinkler system the most common fire protection in commercial buildings. The sprinkler discharges water automatically when a predetermined heat level is reached through pressurized pipes. We execute the fire sprinkler system according to NFPA 13.

FM200 FIRE SUPPRESSION System It’s a clean agent designed to suppress a fire in occupied areas as server rooms and control rooms. We supply & Install FM200 fire suppression system by highly qualified staff

Carbon dioxide fire suppression system :- designed to suppress a fire in a sensitive area where water from sprinkler system not allowed like generator & transformer rooms.