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Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems provide a means to detect and identify fire or a potential fire outbreak in a building, warn the occupants of the building about the fire via audible alarm and potentially notify emergency response professionals. The main components of a fire alarm system are typically the smoke detectors (and other detectors like heat, gas detectors), manual call points (also called ‘break glass’) which enable a person who physically detects fire to raise the alarm, bell or alarm sounders, flashers, and control panel (central control and indicating equipment) which is the brain of the system. Some advantages of fire alarms include an early warning benefit and the potential to save life and property, low cost, and the opportunity to place the device in chosen locations. The fire alarms system is composed of the following: We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with any of your fire protection needs. Our team will collaborate and work with you to find solutions to your specific applications. Please feel free to contact us about your residential, industrial, or commercial fire protection needs. Waiting for your Specs and Drawings to study what your project Need.